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1. What is the Malaysia Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2011?
The Malaysia Public Policy Competition 2011 is a case-based competition, set in the landscape of Malaysian public-policy making. It aims to give students an opportunity to learn more about the Malaysian public policy and gain first-hand experience on the role of a Malaysian public policy maker. 

2. Who is eligible to participate in the MPPC 2011?
The competition is open to all Malaysian undergraduates who are pursuing their first degree in their respective institutions. We also welcome applications from pre-university students (A-level, IB, Form 6 etc.) Students from both local and overseas universities/university colleges/colleges are eligible to take part.

3. Why is this competition not open to Masters and PhD students?As much as would we like to accommodate as many students as possible, we are also trying to provide a fair-playing field to all our participants.

4. Where will the competition be held?
The MPPC Residential Challenge 2011 (Semi-Finals and Finals) will be held at UCSI Malaysia, Faculty of Economics and Policy Science. The exact location and address can be found here.

5. What are the prizes offered for the competition?
1st Prize: RM 4000 and certificates of achievement
2nd Prize: RM 2000 and certificates of achievement
3rd Prize: RM 1000 and certificates of achievement

Special Prize: RM 600 and certificates of achievement

12 Participation Awards: RM 200 each and certificates of achievement

6. Who are the organizers?
The MPPC 2011 is jointly organized by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) and UCSI Malaysia (UCSI).

7. Is there any participation fee?
No, there is no participation fee. The two-day Residential Challenge in USCI will be fully sponsored by UCSI with full accommodation, Wi-Fi, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper inclusive.

8. What do I need to do to join?
Form a team of four and register all members via the Malaysia Public Policy Competition 2011 website at Register Now.
Answer the preliminary question and submit it online before the deadline 31st of July 2011. The results of the preliminary round will be announced on the 8th of August 2011.

9. Who are the panel of judges?
We have gained support and keen interest of prominent Malaysian policy-makers and representatives from think tanks to be our prestigious judges. The MPPC will provide the opportunity for participants to present their policy solutions before experienced policy-makers and gain valuable insights into policy-making.

10. What do I have to bring along if I get shortlisted for the MPPC Residential Challenge at UCSI?
The top 16 teams will be informed by the organizers, and all relevant details will be communicated to team leaders accordingly via email.
Accommodation, Wi-Fi, breakfast, lunch and dinner are fully provided, courtesy of UCSI Faculty of Economics and Policy Science.

11. I still have more questions. Whom should I contact for assistance?
Feel free to contact the organizers at mppc2011@gmail.com. All e-mail enquiries will be replied exclusively via e-mail within three working days.

12. Do I have to remain on campus for the entire duration of MPPC 2011 Residential Challenge?
Yes, this is compulsory.

Contact Us

Please forward all enquiries to mppc2011@gmail.com.
All e-mail enquiries will be replied exclusively via e-mail within three working days.