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Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Kitchen Cabinet

Team Name:
Kitchen Cabinet

Team Members:

  • Mohd Nazzeef Bin Mohd Nazri (Sunway University)
  • Katryne Chia Phei Shan (Sunway University)
  • Ashley Leow Yu Lin (Sunway University)
  • Chong Lip Yi (Sunway University)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
We are four youths who have already decided that we would like to pursue the path of law. We aspire to be our nation’s future lawyers and legislators, especially in areas concerning the general public. Therefore, we view this competition as a stepping stone for us to be exposed to the policy making process in our country.
Often we know of people who are dissatisfied with the nation’s policies, believing that he or she can do a better job. However, after doing the initial research for the policy questions that were later on removed, we realise that for a national policy to be enacted, it concerns far more complicated research and procedures than merely taking into account the sentiments of the people. The far-fetching consequences and benefits ought to be taken into heavy considerations. Our planned policy, as college students, concerns the education sector. We hope to expand our public tertiary education sector into the international market, bringing in extra revenue to the government and economy as well as inspiring confidence in Malaysians to study locally. We think our suggestion can simultaneously improve our economy and tackle the brain drain issue that is plaguing society. This competition has driven us to look into problems concerning our society and will no doubt give us the motivation to pursue our idea. We believe that our policy can be further developed and we really hope to be able hear further suggestions for improvements. We want to join this competition to learn what we can do for Malaysia and to know more ideas from other individuals. It will be extremely encouraging for us to know, via this competition, of other youths who are concerned about Malaysia’s future and how we can play a role in improving its conditions.

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