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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Our Participants: The Planet Shakers

Team Name:
The Planet Shakers

Team Members:
  • Adelyn Teoh (HELP University College)
  •  Leannza Chia (HELP University College)
  •  Victoria Ngow (HELP University College)
  • Elena Ong (HELP University College)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011? 
Competitions, be it ballet or writing, have one aim: to find the best of the best and hence bring society to the next level. Following that concept, we believe the Malaysia Public Policy Competition shares the same aim- to form ideal policies that promote Malaysia’s development. We are eager to come aboard simply because we are the youths of Malaysia.
Us ‘kids’ have been educated and exposed to great revolutions in the world at large. We dream of, and expect change. As Malaysians, we want our country to be among the top in the world, and for its citizens to benefit from its growth. How? Through the policies this country makes. We recognize the importance of introducing and reforming policies to a democratic, sovereign and developing Malaysia for active and comprehensive progress. From policies on education, infrastructure to the economy, we love how they mobilize action by clearly outlining the roles different stakeholders play. We believe in the process of identifying problems, analysing the different factors involved (such as limited resources and priorities), as well as weighing and advocating solutions. For us, the end result- ideal policies- would address the needs of the masses from all ages, cultures, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Society should let its voice be heard so that policies can better represent the will of the people. Youths especially, should stay updated, speak out their opinions and participate more actively in policy making. We join Malaysia’s quest for the perfect policy. Together with so many brilliant young minds, we are excited to be part of an exchange of great ideas, comprehensive analysis and constructive criticism. At the end of the day, it does not matter to whom an idea belongs to. Instead, what matters is how far we can make an idea go.

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