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Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Our Participants: D.I.E. (the Dynamic, Intelligent and Empowered)

Team Name: 
D.I.E. (the Dynamic, Intelligent and Empowered)

Team Members:

  • Lim Chee Yao (UCSI University)
  • Nathanael Lee Yong Sheng (UCSI University)
  • Matthew Elliot Jansz-Ch'ng (UCSI University)
  • Ernest Siao Wei Horng (UCSI University)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
While we believe that this competition bring to us the insight of the making of public policy , we want to take this golden chance to discuss the impact of implementation of a policy on the various societies of the nation, and the domino effects it carries on other policies.
During the process of policy making, we would like to refine the involvement of both human resource and public funds to achieve its optimum production function. We learn to contemplate each and every aspect while outlining and implementing a policy that is beneficial to the Rakyat. We learn to respond to criticism of the policy, how to convince populace, but not persuading without firm and logical reasons. To cite an example, if overall subsidy reduction can save the country from bankruptcy but low income group might be adversely affected by the price hike, we would set up a perk scheme only just enough for them. Moreover, we want to sort out the problems that will arise during the process of implementation, as well as routes applicable as solutions to the problems, such as financial crisis as well as when cronyism and corruption creep in. Certainly, we have to ensure the policy made will benefit people from all walks of life irrespective of creeds and colours. We may devise mechanisms to monitor the drafting and execution of a policy throughout the whole process so that no one will be marginalised in the process of implementation. Furthermore, we will be utilising the golden chance to exchange ideas with top academicians and key person. In the meantime, from the competition, we will understand much better the role of an accountable policy maker, so as to build the character and qualities desired to shape a good leader to lead the people in the future.

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