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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Team Malaya

Team Name: 
Team Malaya

Team Members: 

  • Andrew Lee Long Sern (University of Malaya) 
  • Gan Ming Chiek (University of Malaya) 
  • Pan Shan Ping (University of Malaya)
  • Thulsi Thivani Manogaran (University of Malaya)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011? :
In the current climate, the need for good and democratic governance can no longer be underplayed. Once the dust of the election storm has settled, the work of a new administration begins. And this sets the course for which the country will be heading for the next couple of years.
Here, we will see policies come and go. Undoubtedly earlier challenges such as economic instability, lack of adherence to human rights and climate change have yet to decimate and continue to be on the top of our country’s agenda to mitigate. From our observations, what has been consistent in these policies is that they are put in place without taking into consideration the voices of the public. It is not enough for governance today to speak only of governments; it must also speak of citizens. Public policies must be democratic, inclusive and encourage participatory undertaking which are reflective of the values of our constitution. Free and informed consent, being the touchstone of a democratic nation, should not be sidelined by political considerations. There must be check and balance. Furthermore, our public policies must also withstand the extra-territorial factors. Other states around the world are fast gaining their economic edge and we cannot afford to be left behind. And states which face their own conflicts may affect us too. As we seek the best relief against far reaching crises affecting the nation, we understand that it is difficult to balance between competing interests. Hence, our participation in this conference enables us to understand mechanisms in dealing with these challenges in policy and law. The conference will inspire debate between participants with different backgrounds. It is our hope that the competition will be a steep learning curve so that we can contribute to the development of Malaysia.

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