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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Plumbers 2.0

Team Name:
Plumbers 2.0

Team Members:
  • Pang Jo Fan (Taylor's College)
  • Chu Kah Leong (Inti College)
  • Fong Wenkai (Taylor's College)
  • Hun Thong Ding (Brickfields Asia College)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
“By definition, a government sometimes has policies, but nothing more.” - Albert Camus We as youths believe that this nation was founded upon noble principles of integrity and democracy. Unfortunately, throughout the 53 years of nationhood, we observed that certain principles have been mishandled in the name of personal and political gain. Therefore, we strongly believe that it is our duty to utilize our intellectual resources to propose alternatives through a viable channel which is through this competition.
We believe that this competition serves as an excellent platform for exchange of thoughts and opinions with fellow Malaysians who believe in carrying the same burden to mold a better Malaysia. Moreover, as our thoughts have been largely constrained to only cyberspace, we wish to amplify our solutions to various problems to a broader public perspective. A case in point of our concerns will be that of the brain drain which is getting acutely serious day by day. As youths, we have personally experienced the trend that has encouraged most of our highly educated peers to find solace abroad due to crucial shortcomings in our national policies. Therefore, we believe that the government holds an obligation to undertake strategic approaches to remedy the mentioned issues gradually. Another example can be reflected on the case of aborigines huddled in miserable conditions all over Malaysia. Instead of granting them equal opportunities as citizens of Malaysia, the government has paid them little to no attention, permitting them to succumb under the chains of oppression. Moreover, we have largely observed the draconian exploitation of their rightful lands, in which they’ve resided on long before the days of the Malaccan Empire. We reckon that this shouldn’t be. These are two of the countless concerns our team harbors. We have our ideals and we want to be heard.

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