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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Nasi Campur

Team Name:
Nasi Campur

Team Members:
  • Sebastian Lim (HELP University)
  • Krizun Loganathan (University of Bristol)
  • Carolyn Wee Yan Yan (Kolej Yayasan UEM)
  • Sharanavel (Kolej Yayasan UEM)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
As youths who stand up for various rights, we have heard and seen aspects of legislation and policy in the country that is in dire need of reform. However, it is not public knowledge to know the processes involved in the formation and implementation of a national policy. This competition allows us to return to the utilisation of public policies as a means to maintain social order and uphold basic rights in the society for the betterment of our country.
The conception and implementation of public policy should not remain esoteric. We the youths especially need to know how these guidelines which cradle legislations are formed hence thereafter strengthening our credibility to express our views on how the political wave front of the country should progress in a more critical and specific manner i.e going beyond stating the problem by suggesting how to solve it as well. Moreover, this competition would give us an insight into the need of prudent and impartial criticisms when it comes to policy reforms which are often demanded by the public ;which may not be the best for our nation when lesser known quintessential factors are not accounted for. We would hence be considerate in our criticisms and evaluations of current public policies. Most importantly, as students from different studying different disciplines, this competition is the golden opportunity for all of us to learn about policy making from credible professionals. It is crucial in our discernment on how we play a productive role in the political scene of our country. In conclusion, we want to join the MPPC 2011 to learn about public policy formation to express our political and civil views with credibility and good judgement, and to discern our vocation in the political scene of the nation.


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