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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Hamtaro

Team Name:

Team Members:
  • Ang Jian Wei (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
  • Michelle Tan Mei Yi (University of Oxford)
  • Khung Siew Ghee (McMaster University)
  • Ngai Jin Tik (Stanford University)

Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
Our cohort has often been accused of apathy and naivete. In fact, many today believe that youth is often wasted on the young. We think that is a little premature. All four of us are often direct consumers of big problems that need fixing, yet we have also dabbled in public policy one way or another. So why are we here? Simple: something needs to be done.
It is said that in Malaysia we have many armchair critics - a sport that we revel in. An unrealistic expectation of public policy is often the prime culprit. We too, have not been spared. We often yak away over mamak sessions, but without an appreciation of the subtler nuances and complexities that often surround every given problem. We believe this competition denies us that luxury but gives us more value in its stead. We want to bounce ideas with people from the field. Whenever appropriate, tell us that we are crazy, or that our ideas are downright fairy tales. Show us a perspective that we have not considered. Win or lose, we would rather learn it now than later. Most importantly, we trust this competition will give us a platform to be heard; one in which we can crystallise our disparate ideas into concrete plans that are publicly recognised and acted upon. Many have said that the future of Malaysia belongs to us - perhaps it is about time we take that responsibility seriously. We may not have the answers to every problem - but no matter! What does, though, is that we begin to engage in issues that truly matter to us rather than being a mere spectator. If this is a clarion call for us youths to stand up and be accounted for - - very well: here we are!

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