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Saturday, October 15, 2011

MPPC 2011 in Pictures

The contestants preparing for the Semi-Finals

The semi-finals judges deliberating

Participants and judges mingling over lunch

Team Despereaux kicking off the Finals Round

The judges grilling the finalists

Team UT MARA 1 giving their presentation

Team Hamtaro's uniquely Malaysian presentation

The round of deliberation...

...before the winner of MPPC 2011 are announced

Team Building (AMTI White Paper Prize)

Team Hamtaro (3rd Prize)

Team Despereaux (2nd Prize)

Team UT MARA 1 celebrating winning 1st Place

Team UT MARA 1 (ICAEW Prize)

The judges, participants and committee of MPPC 2011

See you again next year!


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