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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet Our Participants: Friends

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Team Name:

Team Members:

  • How Zean Shiung (HELP University College)
  • Prashanth Sundar a/l Kalaiselvan (HELP University College)
  • Dinesh Thayalan (HELP University College)
  • Louise Tan (HELP University College)
Why do you wish to join MPPC 2011?
We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to join the Public Policy Competition for several reasons. Since we were in high school, the 4 of us have always spent time together discussing (sometimes rather heatedly) the contemporary issues happening around the world. This has lead to us frequently teaming up for debate competitions. In retrospect, being unable to actually do anything about the issues we so passionately discussed has made us even more passionate about an opportunity to get our voices heard and listen to the other opinions that are out there. What better platform than this unique competition?
This competition is definitely one of the first of its kind. Not only does this competition have a fresh format but it represents a daring step in educating Malaysians about their political and civil rights, empowering youth and strengthening political and civil awareness. On a more personal level, as truly loyal and patriotic youths, we feel compelled to cherish, celebrate and support this effort. We also strongly resonate with the notion that as the youth and future leaders of the nation we have a responsibility to support the competition’s cause, and bring about positive change in Malaysia for future generations. On top of that, we also believe that this is a step forward for ourselves. A step forward from only discussing and debating about policies among close friends, to openly advocating beliefs among the community of young leaders in Malaysia and trying to learn the technicalities of making a real policy. Hopefully, after the competition we can be more perceptive, mature, and politically aware Malaysians.


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